Production processes

Hidro Jet is capable of supplying parts of different sizes in nodular, gray and compact graphite iron.

Production processes

Know the processes

Hidro Jet’s activities include all the manufacturing processes, from the melting of metallic alloys, molding, finishing and machining, with a modern machining plant. Hidro Jet also provides a wide range of heat treatments and surface finishes, thus making parts ready for the assembly line.


Foundry process
Foundry process

GREEN AREA: 9,000 ton/year (750 ton/month)


  • Mold dimensions: 500 x 390mm
  • Production per hour: 220 – 280 mold


COLDBOX: 3,000 ton/year (250 ton/month)


  • Mold dimensions: 460 X 460mm x 250 mm
  • Production per hour: 50 - 60 molds


Machining process
Machining process

Hidro Jet has a complete Machining process, with:


  • Horizontal and Vertical Centers
  • CNC Machines
  • Transfer Machine
  • Drill Machines
  • Threading Machine
  • Press Machines
  • Other Equipments

Hot-Dip galvanizing

Galvanization process
Galvanization process

Hot-dip galvanizing or zinc plating is a treatment carried out by immersion in order to obtain a layer of zinc on a piece of iron or steel. Thus, this process guarantees a long life for the parts, preventing contact between the base-metal with the corrosive.


  • Electric Ovens
  • Automated Process
  • Capacity: 6,000 ton/year

Own modeling

Own modeling process
Own modeling process
  • Design and execution of foundry tools
  • Simulations through Magmasoft Software


Automated/Robotic Deburring System
Institutional Hidro Jet