Quality and Certifications

Hidro Jet, under its Quality Policy, assumes a commitment to quality, to deliver a product that complies norms and standards of excellence.

Quality and Certifications

Constant investment in quality

Quality equipment.
Quality equipment.

The quality of its products at the height of Hidro Jet with its Quality Policy is to assume a commitment to the quality.


For this, the company is equipped with:


  • Metallurgical, dimensional and chemical laboratories.
  • Equipment for chemical, thermal and metallographic analysis.
  • Equipment for dimensional tests, non-destructive tests (hardness, penetrating liquid, ultrasound), sand tests, chemical tests, among others.


All this to deliver to the customer a product that complies the required norms and standards of excellence.


The company also works on actions that converge to ensure its quality standards, proven with the ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 Certifications.

Hidro Jet’s culture with its Quality Policy is to assume a commitment with the quality of its products.

Metallurgical Laboratory

  • Spectrometer

  • Durometer

  • Microscopes

Metrological Laboratory

  • Three-dimensional

  • Roundness Meter

  • Conventional measuring equipment

  • Roundness meter

Laboratories with high quality equipment
Laboratories with high quality equipment

Quality policy

Integrated management system
Integrated management system

Integrated Management System - SGI ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015


Hidro Jet, through participative management, seeks to comply customer expectations with competitive costs, on time deliveries, product’s quality and continuous and technological improvement of the Foundry, Machining and Hot-Dip galvanizing processes.Our sustainable growth comes from Galvanizing processes. Our sustainable growth comes from compliance with applicable legal requirements, pollution prevention and mitigation of risk aspects.


We ensure that the Integrated Management System Policy is implemented, communicated and available to the public and at all levels of the organization and to all who act on behalf of Hidro Jet Equipamentos Hidráulicos Ltda (Company).